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19 Feb 2013:
New blog post up with notes on how to use social networking to promote your books (from my recent chat with Grace from JKSCommunications).

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Michael Sissons

self-portraitWhen Mike is not being an art teacher in Madrid and using a computer as a paintbrush, he masquerades as an internationally known portrait painter. Check out his blogspot page for examples of his incredible work, including the self-portrait mirror image to the right.

Also check out Mike's interview with the Spanish TV station, TeleCinqo, shot in Bangkok. It is in Spanish in the beginning, and then shows Mike doing a little seminar on portrait painting using Sight Size.

Mike and Ellen met in Cairo, Egypt, where they both lived in the 1990s. They discovered their shared interest in science fiction obsessing over Babylon 5 videos that were shipped weekly from the States (no bittorrent in those days). It was in Cairo that Mike became a fan of Ellen's writing--an interest that propelled him to call upon her a decade later when he was looking for descriptive text to use for his Concept Art.

Check out examples of his fabulous Concept Art.